About Us

Edna & Albert Anna JessEdna & Albert is a collaborative effort of mother and daughter to create an inspiring lifestyle collection of unique homewares, clothing, accessories and jewellery.

Jess is a qualified fashion designer, whose love for design has been passed down from her mother, Anna. Together, they bring their signature brand of street wear and luxe wear with an edge to Manly and available online.

For Anna, Edna & Albert is a reincarnation of Anna Design Jewelry and transposing that unique style to a clothing and homeware genre.

Edna & Albert products are made both here and abroad, and meticulously sourced from the finest materials. Edna & Albert not only stocks their own label, but also a selection of their favorite brands, including Paige Denim, and Johnny Was.

Edna & Albert holds great significance as these are the names of Anna’s grandparents and Jess’s great grandparents. They were a successful couple of great pride, love for their family and always well quaffed in the style of their day. They would have loved to see their style live on.